These cameras go by many names, Alpha, Dynax and of course, we in North American call them Maxxum. They are the first commercially successful autofocus SLRs; they changed the came, they set the trend. Today James and Alex are again joined by Marwan of Silvergrain Classics, who isn't only a Leica user. He also uses Minolta Dynax (in his case) and joins us to share his wealth of knowledge as we go from the 7000 to the 7 and almost everything in between. Plus, with the return of Marwan, Silvergrain Classics has a special offer for all our listeners; if you order a subscription or individual issue of the Silvergrain Classics Magazine, use the code CCR21 at check out for 10% off your order. Also, the first three people to email us (classiccamerarevival[at]gmail[dot]com) with your name, address, and a little note about CCR, you will receive a free copy of the latest edition of Slivergrain Classics!

On today's show, we have the amazing Becca who is the driving force behind the Northern Film Collective. She started shooting back in HS, starting with disposable cameras also dabbled with digital but found film far more fulfilling. Since starting she has focused mainly on 35mm until recently when she started working with medium format. The medium format kit she ended up getting is a Bronica SQ-Ai a solid workhorse camera. And her Canon T90 remains a long time favourite and an interesting beast within the FD system. Back in 2019, she launched an online community, the Northern Film Collective, which was launched to highlight Canadian film based photographers. And recently they published their first anthology piece earlier this year. And don't worry if you missed out on volume one, this summer they will be opening up for submissions for Volume 2.

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally reached this amazing milestone of 100 (numbered) episode. In today's episode, John, Bill, James, and Alex sit down to discuss some of our older pieces of equipment in our collections! Such as James' Kodak Autographic No. 1a and Alex's Kodak Hawk-Eye Model C. Bill discusses the awesome and hardly changed in the 100 years it has been around Kodak D-76 developer. Alex also talks about the Lomography Achromat lens, a modern SLR lens based on a lens design from 1839! John also brings us up to speed on a small project to bring modern Rasberry Pi technology into a darkroom multi-function timer device. And for the first time, we hear from you, our listeners, who speak on their favourite cameras! If there's one thing for sure, we're behind by a century.

James and John sit down with Alexandria Jahr, a brilliant Toronto photographer, for our continuing interview series.

Brandy B, whom you may know from the Film Photo Geeks podcast sits down to talk with Chrissie, Bill, and John about cameras, photography, and life.

We're back with another long episode! This time around we have Matt from Reveni Labs to talk about his new Kickstarter campaign and the Reveni Labs Spot Meter, followed by prolific photographer Anil Mistry who brings along a large pile of cameras that are among his favourites and talking about his new book based around his photos of Brighton, England. It's worth the episode length!

If you're a member of several Facebook groups connected to the film photography community such as the Toronto Film Shooters, Negative Positives, and Large Format Photography Podcast than you will have seen today's guest's excellent work. Jamie Marcellus is a recent addition to the film photography community but has jumped in with both feet shooting 35mm initially but is now getting into experimental large-format work with inexpensive film, direct positive paper and even dry plate. Alex and John sit down with Jamie to discuss his love of photography and his inspiration and what he's up to next.

Bill and Chris kick off our 7th season with a well-known photographer on Instagram, Danielle, aka TheGirlWithTooManyCameras and her mission to bring more women film photographers into the public eye! They discuss Danielle's own photography and her desire to showcase the talent that is often left outside in a primarily male-dominated hobby.

Also, we're still looking for your camera reviews, send in a short 3-5 minute clip about your favourite camera for inclusion in our 100th Episode this March! Email them to:

We wrap up our sixth season with a fine selection of leftovers, cameras, lenses, films, and developers that we've worked with over 2020.

If you're a member of any film camera group on Facebook, you'll know our guest for today's show. The man who has a thousand camera and is rumoured to smash them all after writing a review. His reviews are the stuff of legend, today Bill and Alex sit down with the one, the only, Mr Mike Eckman!

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