These days distance is the name of the game, but what lens can you slap on your camera, well we at CCR have come up with four options that will help you go long! Join John, James, Bill and Alex in the studio today as we talk about four amazing telephoto lenses! The underrated Zeiss Sonar 250mm f/5.6 for the Hasselblad V system, the iconic Nikkor 105/2.5, the mighty Micro-Nikkor 200/4 and the surprising Maxxum 100/2.8 MACRO!

It's always fun to riff off a camera after shooting with it for the first time while we've done this theme before we're now on our third part of the challenge. But this time we're adding another twist. This time the camera provider has also loaded the camera up with a specific film stock with the only thing being known to the shooter is the film speed! The cameras featured in today's episode include the Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 521, Yashica YF, Voigtlander Bessa T, and the Minolta X-570!

In a continuation from the last episode, Bill and James are again joined by Marwan from SilverGrain Classics. In today's episode, we'll be talking about the cameras that disrupted Leica's little kingdom of Rangefinders, the SLR. And the fact that despite not wanting anything to do with them, Lecia would be forced kicking and screaming into the SLR market with mixed results.

Join Bill, James, and Marwan (of SilverGrain Classics) as they discuss the first of two episodes focusing on Leica cameras. In the first part we discuss the whole history of the iconic M-Series of rangefinders from the classic M3 to the modern MP and M-A cameras and everything in between!

If there's one thing that is certain in the day of interconnectivity and social media, film photographers tend to find each other and today Bill sits down with one of those connections, Aly from the Blog and YouTube Channel, Aly's Vintage Camera Alley. Bill and Aly talk on the subject of camera collecting, film photography, and more!

James sits down with Neil Piper of the Soot & Whitewash Photography Podcast for an in-depth discussion on his photography journey.  The pair discuss Neil’s perspective on art and photography and Project Box Camera.  Not focused on any camera(s) in particular, this episode is truly out of the box!

In our second part of our isolation podcasts, Alex discusses the Nikon FM and Nikon FE, two cameras that came out in the aftermath of the Olympus OM-System. The history behind these cameras, how they compare and their use in the field. Also, we welcome long time member of the Toronto Film Shooters Meetup and member of the Mississauga Leatherworkers Guild Mr Mark Rossi to discuss his own leatherworking business and the creation of Due North Leather. Due North, as you may know, is producing fine leather camera straps for a reasonable cost!


After our recent shelf queen episode (in which John spoke about his non-functioning Stereo Realist), John heard from listener Howard M. Sandler, who it turns out is quite the expert on Stereo Photography! We thought a deep dive into Stereo would be in order, and John was very happy to have Howard as a guest for this Stereo excursion. Below is an example of Howard's stereo work.
Spirits of spring

Howard was also kind enough to provide a treasure trove of links on the topic (listed below), so dive in!

Howard's stereo photos (mostly film, but not exclusively. Almost all presented in parallel viewing format)
One of many stereo groups on flickr (images in a variety of viewing formats. There are also groups for specific viewing formats)
London Stereoscopic Co. They sell a good viewer for parallel images (the Owl viewer) and publish a gallery of good stereo pairs each month (Full disclosure: Howard has an image in the May 2020 gallery).
Everything about the care and maintenance of Stereo Realists.
Composition and the Stereo Window
Medium format stereo considerations
Brian May's documentary "A Brief History of 3D" (presented in parallel view)

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Bill, Alex, and Alex sit down and discuss the awesome but frustrating icon of a camera, the Rollei 35!

Alex and John sit down with Jason Lane to discuss Dry Plate Photography, his love of the format that drove him to produce modern dry plates and a modern holder to allow photographers to enjoy this 19th century format that helped popularise photography.

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