Here at the Classic Camera Revival, we are big fans of getting things done ourselves! We love to process our own film, but today we're talking about two different things the first is creating your own photo 'zine or book and we have our special guest Matt who takes things a lot further and builds his own cameras.

We're here to take that leap from the lion's mouth and seek out that camera that we've been wanting. So today the gang discusses the cameras that they had been lusting after and either got, still looking for, or accidentally sold off. 

While we could do an entire episode on one of the world's most under-rated, hidden gem cameras out there, the Nikon F90(x). It's a camera we've talked about so much before we just had to take out several other cameras that need a little more limelight. On today's episode, we'll be covering the Zenit E, Pentax Espio 115m, Canon EF, Voigtlander Vito, and the Yashica T4!

We all need that little bit extra, that extra stop, that extra degree. For that, we pick up the heavy hitters, the big glass in our camera kits. If you're someone who is an ultra-wide junky (Lens 24mm or wider) or wants only a sliver of your frame in focus (Lenses with apertures at f/1.4 or faster), this episode is for you!

When you're in a situation and your reputation is on the line you need something that works. But if the customer, client, or even your own personal project is on the line and you have to use film, then you want something that will work. Like work always, in any situation!

Connect to your inner self and welcome the power of the Olympus OM-System. A true gamechanger when it released the Olympus OM system turned the professional market upside down when it was released in the 1970s showing the world that a professional camera system didn't need to be bulky. Join Bill and John along with special guest co-host Lori Brooks in our season six premiere as they discuss the magical single digit OM cameras, along with 3D printed cameras, and homebrew ECN-2 chemistry.

For the finale of our fifth season, the gang revisits the darkroom not only to complete prints but to also show our special guest host Bryan how to print and watch him produce his first darkroom print ever!

Classic Camera Revival joins with Charys and Marwan from PhotoKlassic International to discuss the history of the Iconic Hasselblad V-System and dig into the history behind Silver Grain Classics and PhotoKlassic International! If you're looking to check out a copy of their magazine or get a subscription to be sure to use the promo code CCR10 at check out for a 10% discount, only good until the 31st of December 2019 in the online store.

These days you can pick up a 'pro' film body pretty cheap, but that doesn't make you a professional photographer. The gang sits down to discuss not only the pro cameras in their collections and the finer points of being a pro photographer. Cameras featured on today's episode include the Nikon F6, Canon F-1, Leica M6 and the Minolta Maxxum 9!

They aren't flashy, pretty, but they do a good job. Like a Reliant K, they get you from point A to B without trouble or style. But they at least do an excellent job in the field. On this episode, the gang discusses the Pentax ME Super, Nikkormat FT, Olympus Pen EE-S2, and Yashica Minister III. We also bring up a new scanner starting to show up in Airports that will destroy your film if it goes through. And we sit down with special guest host Byran!

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