As the days turn shorter and the skies grow greyer the gang tackles those fast films that help chase away those winter blues and help with indoor work. We also discuss the fine art of pushing film and push-processing film.

There's a certain look to a TLR, and when it comes to TLR cameras nothing matches the Rollei line. So on our episode today, the gang takes a look down the rabbit hole that is the history of Rolleiflex and Rolleicord Twin-Lens cameras.

We've covered Large Format in bits and pieces across our five seasons, but never sat down and done a back-to-basics. So James and Alex sit down and cover (almost) everything you need to know about Large Format from the camera types, lenses, equipment, movements, and developing. This is a primer, your 101 course.

A solo episode today as John covers one of his favourite cameras, the War-Time hero, the Kodak Medalist.

John and Bill sit down to talk to Stephen Dowling, the man behind the website Kosmo Foto and the driving force behind bringing Kosmo Foto Mono 100 to the market. The three sit down around our interview table to discuss everything about the site, how it came to be, the man behind the site, and the reasons behind bringing Mono 100 to the market. Along with the inspiration behind the awesome Soviet Style graphics. If you haven't visited Kosmo Foto, we certainly recommend visiting and following the awesome content.

Continuing our chemical fix, the team discusses Kodak HC-110, Rodinal, and Pyrocat-HD!

Don't drink the Kool-Aid or in this case Rodinal. The CCR gang gets a little nerdy and discusses how B&W film works and a brief summary of the science behind it all then digs into three amazing developers, Kodak D-76 (and Ilford ID-11 and Kodak D-23), Kodak Xtol, and Kodak TMax Developer. Don't see a developer you like, stand tuned for Part Two!

The gang settles around for a lively (and a dirty) talk about our favourite zoom lenses with representation from Minolta, Canon, and Nikon. We also return to a new favourite, Fomapan 400!

Pinhole photography is not something we've tackled here on CCR before, but the Spring Toronto Film Shooter's meetup gave us a chance to break out cameras hand-made, to adapted out of our existing kit to play with this fun 'lensless' form of photography!

The gang tackles some of their favourite scale or guess focus cameras from top notch to toy! We also discuss the Ilford Simplicity kit, an easy way to get into home B&W Developing without shelling out too much for chemistry or for an easy and portable way to develop on the road.

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