March 26, 2021

Classic Camera Revival - Episode 100 - Behind By A Century

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally reached this amazing milestone of 100 (numbered) episode. In today's episode, John, Bill, James, and Alex sit down to discuss some of our older pieces of equipment in our collections! Such as James' Kodak Autographic No. 1a and Alex's Kodak Hawk-Eye Model C. Bill discusses the awesome and hardly changed in the 100 years it has been around Kodak D-76 developer. Alex also talks about the Lomography Achromat lens, a modern SLR lens based on a lens design from 1839! John also brings us up to speed on a small project to bring modern Rasberry Pi technology into a darkroom multi-function timer device. And for the first time, we hear from you, our listeners, who speak on their favourite cameras! If there's one thing for sure, we're behind by a century.

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