January 27, 2022

Classic Camera Revival - Episode 120 - The Clone Wars

There are no bad batches here, the gang sits down for a lively discussion about rebranding. Let's face it, the idea of rebranding items especially in photography is nothing new. Kodak, Fuji, and Agfa have all sold their films to resellers even putting them in custom cartridges and boxes. Even some camera manufacturers are known to build more cameras for other companies and sell under those names than under their own name. And today the trend continues, with Agfa still making films but as a contract manufacturer with names like Rollei under Maco Direct selling their product, or Fomapan producing films stocks for Kosmo Foto, New Classics, and Lomography. Plus ORWO provides the sweet motion picture film for Lomography and our friends at Cinestill and their use of Kodak Vision3 and Double-X stocks. And being able to get these in medium format! So the team sits down at the table for a lively and sometimes hard to follow the discussion about rebranding and clone products.

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